Scalable building-blocks for Data-Powered Research and Investment Teams

Develop and Deploy sophisticated Multi-Factor Strategies with Confidence

Connecting Human Brains,
Data and Technology

We all appreciate learning from data, but the traditional data analysis workflow is isolated and fragmented, making collaboration hard. We want to change that.

With Quantifio, we intersect advanced data science with collaborative functionality in a way that enables your team to seamlessly work together. We think of Quantifio as the glue that makes it possible to easily compose your own efficient ecosystem for developing, reviewing and sharing research and insight.

Structuring a Profit Center around the Investment Research Delivery

On January 3rd, MiFID II, the most comprehensive regulatory intervention with the financial industry yet, took effect. MiFID II is designed to make financial markets more efficient, resilient and transparent for the sake of increased investor protection. One of the...

About Us


Turning Data Into Products AS

We develop Quantifio, a Data Science Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) initially targeting data-powered teams within Investment Research and Asset Management. Our team has 10+ years of experience from the industry

Collective Decision Making

Collective decision making trumps individual decision making every time – when it is done well. Quantifio is built for collaboration in cross-functional teams, connecting domain expertise with technical expertise

Redesigned Operating Model

The call for transparency and reproducibility in research has never been louder. Delivering on this promise requires a new operating model. Down to its basics it is about connecting human brains, data and technology

Operational Excellence

Quantifio offers the most efficient, robust and trustworthy data analysis workflow. Core technologies, applicable across industries, make our clients excel in the new regulation-heavy climate for quantitative research

Embrace the new climate for Research and Investment Products

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The Current Operating Model

The current process in which data-powered teams work and interact is broken or at best bearable. Multiple functions, competing priorities, tight resources and different people touching the same information yields a high operational risk and require a new operating model

The modern Data Product

Research and insight is fresh produce, as the value of information decays with time. Responding fast and delivering high-quality research is key. Tailoring and packaging research in interactive data products, that can be accessed on a marketplace, has great potential


Transparency and Reproducibility

To achieve data analytics at scale one need teams with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, as the hybrid-role fails with all the moving parts. To ensure integrity and trust in results, anyone that stands to benefit from the research needs a way to be involved in the process

Utilizing the new competency

In order for companies to put the emerging tech-savvy competency to use, a new standard in enterprise software is needed. Close and seamless interaction between domain expertise and technical expertise opens up for great opportunities and a much more efficient operation